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Ashima is fully committed to ensuring all its products meet the demands of both the customers/end users and the accepted industrial requirements set out in the various EN standards, this commitment is expressed in Ashima’s testing capability.

“True” Performance Testing

Ashima tests far in-excess of the EN requirements and has designed a test machine specifically to achieve this. It’s impossible to gain the exacting scientific information required to understand/improve brake pad friction with EN testing alone, this is because EN tests are only carried out on complete bicycles. Additionally the EN certification system is open to abuse as manufactures can simply use the best, braking system/forks/rims/disk/tires/frames and countless other components that impact on the bikes braking performance, for their test bicycle and thereby mask the true performance of the pads.

The Ashima designed test machine is on a par to those used in the automotive industry; whereby the wheel/disk is directly driven about its rotational axis, the brake loads are applied using computer controlled pneumatic cylinders, hence eliminating many of the variables associated with simple EN testing. A series of strain gauges directly measure the resulting normal/braking forces and are continuously monitored throughout the braking cycle. Temperature sensors mounted below the braking surface also feed back valuable information. This enables Ashima to directly obtain friction coefficient measurements throughout the whole braking process and for all operating temperatures. In addition to being able to simulate EN testing Ashima also perform dynamic tests where the rotating inertia (simulated weight of bike+rider) is actually brought to rest (unlike the EN testing were the bicycle driven speed is kept constant) hence greater insight is gained about “true” stopping performance.
Of course in addition to in-house testing Ashima also use both field trials and independent test houses to gain the necessary rider/ industrial accreditation.