DOGMA | ˈdɒɡmə |
a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true: the DOGMAs of faith
Mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek DOGMA ‘opinion’, from dokein ‘seem good, think’.

Pinarello Dogma-F

Founded in Treviso, in the northeast heart of Italy, by Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello, the company has been making the highest quality bikes since establishing in 1952 The Pinarello name evokes legendary and epic victories from the greatest cyclists of all time: Since the very first Giro d’Italia victory by Fausto Bertoglio in 1975, Pinarello has gone on to dominate the podium at Olympic Games, World Championships, monument Classics and of course, the Tour de France. Pinarello has always been synonymous with innovation and performance. The endless research for technical solutions to better integrate rider’s feedback has yielded for continued advancement of a new weapon of choice toTeam Ineos’ performances. The PinaLab is proud to introduce our newest project: the Dogma F.

From the PinaLab Pinarello have finally launched the long awaited Dogma-F

With 30 Grand tour wins under one bike albeit under different riders and teams Pinarello have displayed a true race pedigree, being the only consistent in all 30 wins from the first in 1975 to the latest in the Giro d’Italia in 2021. Pinarello are true believers in using one bike for all conditions whether it be under a rider in the high mountains in the grand tours or the high speed aerodynamic weapon of choice in a bunch sprint this bike is designed to be optimized in every condition as they believe changing bikes on different terrain can leave a rider without the key familiarity and comfort in the crucial moments.

In the real world as well for the mere mortals outside the pro peloton many of us don’t have access to multiple bike choices for different terrain which Pinarello are very aware of so they have made sure each and every bike has been optimized to the fullest to ensure you get as much super bike for the money as possible so the bike cannot hold you back in any of your cycling endeavours.

These wonderful key developments in this new iteration of the Dogma has really brought this new bike forward against last years bike especially with the every popular question of “how much lighter is it?”. Pinarello have really gone out of their way this year to really shave off some weight but with the key objective to not sacrifice elsewhere, be it the structural strength of the frame or the stiffness for the power transfer of the rider, they have truly rethought and redone some key elements of the bike to save weight without sacrificing performance, they managed this by redesigning and reengineering key components so the frame didn’t need to lose any extra material.

Compared to the F12 Disk in a 53cm frame the following savings have been made:

  • 27g in on the seatpost
  • 25g on the headset
  • 58g on the fork
  • 35g on the thru axle
  • 40g on the Talon Ultra fast integrated bar stem unit

This is a 265g saving overall with none of it coming from the frame. Even with all of these savings, thanks to Pinarello using some of the best carbon available in the industry Torayca T1100 Nanoalloy technology the stiffness of the bottom bracket, one of the most essential areas of the bike key to power transfer has improved by 12% in stiffness which will help translate every watt into more power forward. Stiffness isn’t the only are this has improved, Pinarello has also spent a lot of time using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to really refine the aerodynamic shapes and lines of the frame to really offer the rider more speed for less watts, especially when latest studies have shown aerodynamics benefit anyone going over 10mph. This can be put into numbers to show true improvement for the rider.

Compared to the F12 in a 53cm frame the following savings have been made:

  • 3.2% more aero in the rim brake option
  • 4.8% more aero in the Disk option
  • 1.3 watt saving at 40km/h
  • 2.6 watt saving at 50km/h

The frame isn’t the only area where these improvements have been made. The all-new MOST TALON ULTRAFAST handlebar is another work of engineering mastery. In fact, thanks to a new construction method and improved materials, it benefits from a weight reduction of 40 grams compared to the MOST TALON ULTRA found on the DOGMA F12. We have improved without compromising

With Pinarello being a truly Italian brand proud of their Italian heritage, it is fitting they take their sizing mentality from the suit making business. They are firm believers having big gaps in frame sizes leaves customers with a one size may not be 100% a perfect fit where Pinarello offer 11 frame sizes in 1cm increments to insure every rider has the perfect fitting frame available to them to limit any kind of compromises that leaves them short of perfection on their dream bike build. Just to really add to the key fine tuning of their fit options there are 16 integrated handle bar and stem options available in the all new Talon Ultrafast to really help the rider dial in the fine tuning part of the bike fit, comfort on something you are likely to spend hours on end has never been so important. They didn’t stop at the handle bar choices for that truly dialled in fit as they also have made available the two seat post size options to help fine tune the saddle position that little bit more to ensure your pelvic rotation and knee alignment can’t hinder you with being held in the wrong position, this has truly become a brand offering so many options and variations on size that 352 size combinations leaves them just short of being a bespoke made to measure frame option.

Total bike weight, launch configuration, without pedals and bottle cage: DOGMA F DISC size 53 – SRAM RED ETAP AXS – DT SWISS ARC1400 = 6,9kg (no pedals) DOGMA F DISC size 53 – SHIMANO DURACE DI2 (9100) – DT SWISS ARC1400 = 6,8kg (no pedals)

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