New Brand – Atlas Brace

As mountain biking still evoloves and dirt jump & enduro are paving the way for the future of the sport, the need for extra protection is increasingly common. We are not new to neck braces but the compact range from atlas gives you great protection without breaking the bank.

The Atlas Brace is racer designed, racer tested, and has been developed around the necks of championship winning professionals. With the development team lead by former Supercross and Motocross racer Brady Sheren, team Atlas was able to create a revolutionary new device that aims to solve many of the problematic criteria that exists with neck protection today. Using advanced materials and breakthroughs in safety, the Atlas challenges the traditional methods of neck protection. By creating an innovative design that is stronger, safer, flexible, more adjustable, more comfortable, and extremely simplistic, the Atlas provides advanced protection with none of the bulky trapped feeling, all at a great price.

Atlas Vision Neck Brace

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