Power Does not have to break the bank – Avio Powersense

Looking for that something special for Christmas?  What about a powermeter?  Hold on you dont have to spend £500+ anymore, with Avio Powersense you can be up & running for around £250.00…

You have decided that you want to get fit. You have been to the gym and tried spinning classes, but nothing beats the feel of the breeze as you cycle in the open air.

So you’ve saved up and got yourself a bike. Even a basic road or hybrid bike is not particularly cheap. But your local retailer has pushed you to the limit of your budget and you have a splendid specimen of a road bike being made for you. It has been made to fit YOU, and you feel so proud.

So, as you go to collect the bike, the friendly chap in the shop says ‘so, have you considered power training?’ ‘What?’ you say.

He goes on to explain that the more power you produce, the faster you can go. You can improve your technique and become a more efficient rider. In fact, good power management can also improve your ability to burn calories. You’re thinking to yourself about how good that actually sounds. You look at the options in the shop and start doing the maths. Power meters can set you back anything from £500-£3000. You have just pretty much spent all of your savings on the bike and have very little left. You now feel as if you are going to be missing out. Your plans of joining the local cycling club are now a distant hope as you fear you’ll be looked down on for not having the latest tech.

But fear not… Power doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, there are some very expensive units out there, but our Avio Powersense meter is just £199 *Pause for effect.* Yes, you heard that absolutely right, that’s a reliable power meter for under £200.

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