Q36.5 Pinstripe Summer Jersey Review

Q36.5 Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe (available in men’s and women’s range) Our experience, enjoyment, or level of performance on the bike is normally greatest when it is not compromised by distraction, or interference from the equipment we are using. Q36.5 create their cycling apparel to enable healthy body temperature to be sustained during the ride. This translates into rider comfort and performance. Having heard so many positive comments about the Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe, I was really looking forward to using one. This was heightened, as the Jersey would form part of the clothing I would be taking on a trip to the mountains in France, and would create the perfect opportunity to try the garment in terrain and temperatures which differ from the UK. (The Jersey provides High UV protection +50SPF) Prior to obtaining the Jersey, I visited the brand’s website to learn more about the garment.

Q36.5 describe the Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe as being high performance, and highly versatile, without weight penalty. They utilise a number of their technologies to create this, one of which is the addition of silver thread to the jersey fabric. This serves to improve heat and moisture management, and is subtly visible in the form of fine pinstripes running within the Jersey fabric. On taking the Jersey from its packaging, it is noticeably light. The fabric has a soft feel to it, but is densely woven, and different to what I have experienced with other brands. The pinstripe within the fabric enhances the appearance of the garment. The jersey has a pre-shape fit, to match a cyclist’s position when riding, and is formed with minimal seams, none of which are front facing. When putting it on, the fit feels close, and different from day to day clothing. When on the bike, the effect of the minimalist design, fabric and pre-shape is superb, as the presence of the jersey becomes barely noticeable, other than a comfortable, snug feel. Whilst riding, this is complemented by how the jersey remains in position when pockets are loaded, and its sleeves stay in place without being overly tight or restrictive.

Q36.5 incorporate their Invisible Pocket System into the jersey. The design does away with an additional external fabric panel, and integrates three equally sized pockets, and zip pocket into the rear panel of the jersey. This creates a neat, efficient profile, is comfortable when in use, and has sufficient capacity to suit long days on the bike; I frequently head out with pockets loaded with rain jacket, tool case, phone, numerous bars and gels. The qualities of this Jersey are much further reaching than the great fit and pockets, and this becomes apparent when the riding is more challenging. This could be form of ride intensity, duration, weather conditions or terrain, or a blend of them all.

Q36.5 utilise athlete based research, fabric technology, and a precious metal, in the design of this jersey. To understand the effect of this, I have used it extensively in my cycling, and included rides using other jerseys which do not have all of these features. During this period, there have been numerous instances when I have benefited from the performance of the L1 Pinstripe. When climbing, heat build up felt less, and when the jersey is worn with an appropriate base layer, the combination of moisture transfer and quick drying fabric is highly efficient. Whether descending, riding into the wind, and when the evening air begins to cool, I have found the Unique Fabric L1 used to form the jersey lessens the cooling effect that comes with these conditions. Switching to a jersey formed from an alternative fabric simply confirmed the higher level of performance and versatility of the L1 Pinstripe. Ergogenic Pattern is another feature of the garment. This serves to provide support and stability to specific muscle groups, and is particularly applicable when spending long periods on the bike, or the intensity is high. Having used the jersey for endurance rides, and more intense training or group rides, I can certainly confirm it is comfortable and feels subtly supportive. The stretch within the fabric ensures movement is unhindered. I expect we all have certain items of clothing that we enjoy wearing, and for me, the Jersey Short L1 Pinstripe has become one of these. The minimalist design and subtle features of the jersey make it very stylish(a number of colour options are available), and I could not ask for more in relation to fit, comfort, and performance. The jersey has been washed many times and remains unchanged.

My Partner uses the women’s version of this jersey and has experienced the same levels of performance from the Jersey L1 Short Sleeve L1 Lady Pinstripe. Whether it’s group rides, training, riding fast, going long, or heading to the mountains, this jersey has got it covered. When temperatures are cooler, pair the jersey with the appropriate base layer, arm screens and vest, to hold off the chill. Q36.5 Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe-highly recommend. (Q36.5 have concise number of jerseys within their summer collection. The differences generally relate to the technical fabrics in which the jerseys are formed, its fit, and colour or pattern options. (If you ride in low light conditions, check out the Vaccaboia and Veloce Club Bolzano Jerseys which have the added feature of the reflective YYY system incorporated into the rear pocket area).

Review Courtesy of Grant Williams (www.stillbiking.com)

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