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Q36.5 Gilet - Vest L1 Essential

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The first cycling Gilet was introduced in the 1980s, shortly after the advent of laminated ‘shell’ fabrics. From the very beginning this piece of clothing was imagined and developed specifically for Professional riders as the maximum expression of versatility and essentiality; a true ‘emergency friend’ capable of offering a broad range of protective features with minimum volume. Over time the Gilet has conjugated itself into two distinct categories: the windproof/rainproof Gilet and the thermal Gilet, used as protection against the cold.    The gilet eliminates the distinction between the two categories with a hybrid 4-season 137g piece of equipment. This is achieved primarily through the use of the UFHybridShell material, a thermal ribbed fleece material which, while constructed without a membrane (which would confer wind or waterproofing qualities) is woven, on its outer side, with such an extraordinarily high density so as to create a wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric, while maintaining a high degree of breathability.   Sensitive riders will immediately appreciate the advantages on long descents, where the sweat soaked jersey is able to wick through the gilet and properly dry, an entirely novel sensation for riders used to the gilets currently available on the market. The material has also undergone a treatment before being woven (as opposed to a ‘finish’ employed on the fabric, choice which allow the threads to maintain their natural characteristics) for water resistance and fast drying times.    Cut on the same fit block as the Short Sleeve L1 jersey.  No rear pockets but two invisible slits for accessing rear pockets of jersey or jacket worn underneath.   RIRI 4mm Acquazip.

ART.060.9.L Wind control ****
ART.060.9.L Muscle support *
ART.060.9.L Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.L Weight ****
ART.060.9.L UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.L Insulation ****
ART.060.9.L Waterproof **
ART.060.9.L Breathability *****
ART.060.9.L Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.M Muscle support *
ART.060.9.M Wind control ****
ART.060.9.M Weight ****
ART.060.9.M Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.M UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.M Waterproof **
ART.060.9.M Insulation ****
ART.060.9.M Breathability *****
ART.060.9.M Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.S Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.S Weight ****
ART.060.9.S Wind control ****
ART.060.9.S Muscle support *
ART.060.9.S Insulation ****
ART.060.9.S UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.S Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.S Waterproof **
ART.060.9.S Breathability *****
ART.060.9.XL Wind control ****
ART.060.9.XL Muscle support *
ART.060.9.XL Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.XL Weight ****
ART.060.9.XL Waterproof **
ART.060.9.XL Insulation ****
ART.060.9.XL UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.XL Breathability *****
ART.060.9.XL Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.XS Muscle support *
ART.060.9.XS Weight ****
ART.060.9.XS Wind control ****
ART.060.9.XS Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.XS UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.XS Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.XS Waterproof **
ART.060.9.XS Insulation ****
ART.060.9.XS Breathability *****
ART.060.9.XXL Muscle support *
ART.060.9.XXL Wind control ****
ART.060.9.XXL UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.XXL Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.XXL Weight ****
ART.060.9.XXL Insulation ****
ART.060.9.XXL Waterproof **
ART.060.9.XXL Water Repellency *****
ART.060.9.XXL Breathability *****
ART.060.9.XXS Muscle support *
ART.060.9.XXS Wind control ****
ART.060.9.XXS Weight ****
ART.060.9.XXS UV Protection *****
ART.060.9.XXS Reflectivity ***
ART.060.9.XXS Waterproof **
ART.060.9.XXS Insulation ****
ART.060.9.XXS Breathability *****
ART.060.9.XXS Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.L Muscle support *
ART.060.14.L Wind control ****
ART.060.14.L UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.L Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.L Weight ****
ART.060.14.L Insulation ****
ART.060.14.L Waterproof **
ART.060.14.L Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.L Breathability *****
ART.060.14.M Wind control ****
ART.060.14.M Muscle support *
ART.060.14.M Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.M Weight ****
ART.060.14.M Waterproof **
ART.060.14.M Insulation ****
ART.060.14.M UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.M Breathability *****
ART.060.14.M Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.S Wind control ****
ART.060.14.S Muscle support *
ART.060.14.S Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.S Weight ****
ART.060.14.S UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.S Insulation ****
ART.060.14.S Waterproof **
ART.060.14.S Breathability *****
ART.060.14.S Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.XL Wind control ****
ART.060.14.XL Muscle support *
ART.060.14.XL Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.XL Weight ****
ART.060.14.XL Insulation ****
ART.060.14.XL UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.XL Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.XL Waterproof **
ART.060.14.XL Breathability *****
ART.060.14.XS Muscle support *
ART.060.14.XS Wind control ****
ART.060.14.XS Weight ****
ART.060.14.XS Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.XS Insulation ****
ART.060.14.XS UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.XS Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.XS Waterproof **
ART.060.14.XS Breathability *****
ART.060.14.XXL Muscle support *
ART.060.14.XXL Wind control ****
ART.060.14.XXL Weight ****
ART.060.14.XXL Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.XXL Insulation ****
ART.060.14.XXL UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.XXL Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.XXL Waterproof **
ART.060.14.XXL Breathability *****
ART.060.14.XXS Wind control ****
ART.060.14.XXS Muscle support *
ART.060.14.XXS Reflectivity ***
ART.060.14.XXS Weight ****
ART.060.14.XXS Insulation ****
ART.060.14.XXS UV Protection *****
ART.060.14.XXS Water Repellency *****
ART.060.14.XXS Waterproof **
ART.060.14.XXS Breathability *****


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Showing 2 of our total 3 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. Read all 3 reviews for Q36.5 Gilet - Vest L1 Essential.
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Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
  • Overall
  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Review Date - 8th May 2018
  • Comments - Awesome piece of kit. Expensive, but worth it. It really does the job. Excellent quick service from Swinnertons
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Display Name - Barry Linsley

May 8, 2018
Awesome piece of kit. Expensive, but worth it. It really does the job. Excellent quick service from Swinnertons
  • Overall
  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Review Date - 11th December 2017
  • Comments - Q36.5 is a bit pricey but the stuff is well made/generally thought out. Swinnerton service has been *excellent* btw.
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Display Name - Mark

December 11, 2017
Q36.5 is a bit pricey but the stuff is well made/generally thought out. Swinnerton service has been *excellent* btw.
Showing 2 of our total 3 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. Read all 3 reviews for Q36.5 Gilet - Vest L1 Essential.
Write a review ›