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Maxima Lubrication - Assembly Grease 29.6Ml (1 Oz)

Code: MR6902901
  • $3.93

Specialty high performance assembly grease that excels in a multitude of heavy duty and light duty
applications, from building engines to building chassis. The unique calcium sulfonate complex soap thickener
combines with a proprietary additive system to deliver unmatched thermal stability and extreme pressure
performance. The oil-soluble formulation won’t clog filters and provides exceptional protection against
corrosion, water washout and wear.

? Sufficiently robust to be used for cams and lifters in high performance engines
? Versatile and tenacious enough to be used in light duty chassis and other assembly applications
? Industry leading thermal stability and extreme pressure performance
? Soluble in all mineral and synthetic engine oils
? Won’t clog oil filters
? Corrosion and water washout protection for all environments

Multi-purpose assembly grease designed for all assembly applications requiring exceptional anti-wear and corrosion protection. Safe for all metals.