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Colnago Frameset - C68-R Disc Carbon Road Frame Set

Code: C68R-D
  • $5,183.69

C68: the frame and other technical features
The C68 is made using a modular structure which is at the heart of the project and provides its excellence. Gluing the variou
parts of the frame, instead of assembling them inside a mould as happens with monocoque frames, still represents a
uniqueness that allows for the creation of more sizes as necessary and, if desired, even a "made to measure" frame thanks to
the titanium parts. The number of parts that constitute the frame is the same as with the previous C series even though, from
an aesthetic point of view, its line may be more similar to that of a frame manufactured in one piece. The choice was dictate d
by the search for a modern look, but always remaining desirable to the traditional Colnago customer, thus widening the range of
purchasing possibilities.
C68: the frame and other technical features
Focusing on the design rationale, we used to build frames with lugs and straight/simple tubes. The C68 has now parts
composed with tubes and lugs together, because to reach the same target of lug construction we don’t require so many joints.
The new construction method enhances the custom sizing option because we can now slide up or down the top tube on the
steerer/ downtube, offering custom reach and stack. In the previous construction method we were limited to reach due to the
fixed headtube lug stack. With the titanium options we are now no longer limited to adjustments of a few millimetres and 0.x
angles, but we can go even in a more extreme direction. There are still some visible joint on the C68 (such as the upper
headtube and the seat post clamp area) to trace back to our root, while other joints are now invisible (like the rear triangl e, the
downtube bb area and the top tube).

From a structural point of view there are some noteworthy differences compared to the predecessor, C64: the bottom bracket,
now with the standard T47, has merged with the seat tube while the "top tube" is characterized by the presence of two pieces /
lugs: one connected with the seat tube, the other with the steering tube. These pieces / lugs are integral with each other in th e
full carbon frame version, but there is the possibility of having these two parts / lugs in titanium alloy (more details foll ow)ow).
Finally, in addition to being lighter than the C64 in similar sizes, the frame is more rigid, especially in the steering area , g iving
better precision while riding
The shape refinement process has also made it possible to optimize some parts of the frame including the fork, now more rigid
and lighter than the previous one, with an innovative internal cable routing, thanks to the shape of the new head tube can be
built without the current and more complex "D" shape. Remaining in the front section of the frame, note the integration of a ten
function multitool placed directly inside the steering cap (four function multitool for the two smaller frame sizes). To maintai n
continuity in terms of spare parts and ease of production, the shape of the seat post is identical to that of the C64 and V3R s.
Finally, a new option allows for the removal of the front derailleur support for mounting groups with a single chainring crankset .
In size 51s, the weight of the raw frame without metal parts (e.g. dropout hanger, derailleur attachment and various small
elements) is approximately 930gr (+/ 10gr) in full carbon (unpainted).