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Q36.5 Base Layers - Intimo 2 Short Sleeve

Code: VARArt.085
  • $60.90

Mens Size Guide PDF HERE

In 2013 released a family of seamless baselayer products which employed Karl Maier knitting machines to express the purest values of seamless technology.

With the Intimo project expands its range and returns to more ‘traditional’ seamless constructions techniques (TR1 and TR2 machines, flatlock seams), inspired by the technical possibilities discovered in experimentation with a new micro-filament and the ‘scarto d’ago’ technique. The result is an uncommonly thick and plush cotton-feeling baselayer which nevertheless tips the scales at an ultralight 76g.

The difference, as with all minimalist performance wear, is in the expert calibration of functional details: in this case double face knitting with polypropylene inner face and polyamide- polypropylene outer face.

Please note that if the text elements on the baselayer are visible through your jersey that’s the point and it should make up for the fact you no longer need to stuff newspaper in it’s place before beginning a descent.