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Q36.5 Termica LongSalopette with insert

Code: Art.012X
  • $268.31

The Termica Long Salopette L1 is THE tight for high-intensity training during the winter season. This precision weapon is part of our Weatherproof category that uses our proprietary technology UF – Hybrid Shell PLUS in combination with a second layer of perforated fleece at the front area of the legs thus making the use of a membrane obsolete. These two layers work together as a system that maintains a stabile body temperature, retains the natural body heat and effectively protects from the elements.

Our new version is now augmented with an extra warming effect thanks to a smart fiber on the inside face called the Heat Fiber, which is produced from the residue from coffee bean processing. The fiber attracts far-infrared rays from the environment and uses them to heat the body. Our measurements show an increase of 1 degree Celsius in comparison to our previous version.

The cut and construction of the Termica Long Salopette L1 is also more spartan. The cut is the result of the evolution of our ergogenic pattern design, using a minimum of seams that are all strategically placed. And, adieu to the central seams in the crotch area, thanks to the anti-stress panel. A laser cut finish has also enabled us to get rid of many useless seams. The clever alignment of panels is designed to move with the direction of the pedal stroke, exploiting the vectorial elasticity of the fabric. This is a strategic design feature which can be felt by sensitive riders during the pedalling action.

These are low volume tights that offer maximum freedom of moment, ensure warmth despite its’ light weight and minimise heat loss that condensation can cause in sub-zero training conditions. Tested and guaranteed at over 110rpm!

This special piece of riding Equipment is a reflection of the very contemporary idea that winter training does not mean slow training. Rather, during the cold season a rider can work on their positioning, on their cadence and never stop looking at their watts. Gone is the thick, heavy, simple and relaxed feel of the traditional winter tight. In it’s place we have introduced this new, customised weapon: The Termica Long Salopette!