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Stages Cycling is located in Boulder, Colorado, a Front Range city with a long pedigree of producing and serving as the proving ground for many of America’s elite cyclists and triathletes.

The area provides 300-plus days of sunshine for those athletes to test themselves on the iconic roads surrounding the city, many of which are steeped in history - the Morgul Bismark and its infamous wall - or soon to be historic - Flagstaff Mountain, which served as a mountain finish to stage 6 of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Stages Cycling is deeply rooted in Boulder’s work hard, play hard philosophy. We here at Stages Cycling pedal the talk, and more often than not spend our lunch hours pounding out miles on these historic roads and climbs. On the weekend, you’re just as likely to find us racing on the road, track, trails, or the bike parks in town or in the mountains west of the city.

At Stages Cycling we believe power measurement is paramount to cyclists’ and triathletes’ training regimes, regardless of discipline. Most importantly we believe power-based training should be accessible to all enthusiastic cyclists, even those on a budget. We also believe that power meters should be simple, robust, and not force cyclists to make major concessions in terms of weight, aesthetic, or crank choice. From our business’ stand point we place high value on our domestic assembly, and we strive to consider the environmental and social impacts of our company’s actions.

Stages Cycling’s core product and engineering team banded together in 2010 to pioneer power measurement for indoor cycling. We are all cyclists first, and have vast experience with all facets of cycling: we are road, track, mountain, and gravity riders with a wealth of cycling industry experience. Together our group has 50-plus years of design, manufacturing, and product experience spread out over the cycling and fitness industries, while our core design group has been granted over 200 patents collectively during their careers.

When it comes to the product, the most important fact to be aware of is that the Stages Power meter is not the design team’s first power meter. Rather, the Stages Power outdoor power meter was developed using the knowledge built through the engineering and manufacture of the team’s proprietary indoor cycling bike. Currently thousands of these power-equipped bikes are operating under the high demands of health clubs’ indoor cycling programs.

Our Boulder location serves as both design and engineering headquarters and our final assembly facility. All of our Stages Power meters are assembled in Boulder, CO of components from both domestic and international sources with best environmental practices in mind. By carrying out final assembly here in Boulder our engineers have intimate and ultimate control over both the process and quality of the final product. By building and designing under the same roof, we’re able to develop our products quickly and without sacrificing the quality of the end product