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What is a bike fit?

A Bike fit is where we adjust your bicycle to fit you, your body shape and flexibility to gain the most comfort and performance out of each and every ride.

Why would I need a bike fit?

If you suffer from aches and pains, saddle soreness or any other bike related problem or just merely want performance improvement then you will benefit from a bike fit, whether you ride road, mountain, cyclocross or any other variation.

How is this achieved?

Every rider is different, we have varying lengths of levers and positioning of pivot points in our bodies, therefore each and every bike fit will be unique to you and the different kinds and styles of bikes comes a variety of requirements for the fit.
There are no set formulas or measurements to follow; instead there is a biomechanical explanation which covers how we have been fitting our customers to bicycles for more than 100 years.
To increase the variations we have different levels of flexibility and pedalling techniques as well as where our priorities lie in the outcome.

What makes us a specialist in fitting bicycles?

Listening to and understanding our customers and analysing correctly the requirements sets us apart as specialist fitters and not someone who is just a qualified bike fitter.

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